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Teen-Business Trend Less Good for Us Than We Thought



Because we’re continually informed that all kids do these days is hang out online tweaking their MySpace pages, we’ve been getting a bit worried about how that generation will possibly be equipped to take care of us in our old age. But our fears were briefly dispelled this morning when we read in the Times that the hottest trend among those pubescent buggers is starting one’s own businesses. (A teen who makes payroll, we reasoned, will become an adult who pays nursing-home bills.) Our joy, however, disappeared when we saw the inevitable quote from teen expert and newly minted MySpace icon Atoosa Rubenstein:

Now it’s social currency to have your own business. It used to be your wardrobe or your sport. Now your own business makes a statement about you and your interests. It almost breaks down into cliques: the future C.E.O. types, the fashionistas making T-shirts, the Webby guys tutoring adults on the computer or selling games on eBay.”

Sigh. So actually this isn’t about nascent financial responsibility but rather just about signifying who gives and who receives the virtual wedgie? Great. Back to hoping Social Security works out.

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Teen-Business Trend Less Good for Us Than We Thought