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The Secret Feuds of Dentists


In one corner: Dr. Larry Rosenthal, dentist to the likes of Donald Trump, Michael Bolton, and Matt Dillon, who uses New Age babble on his patients and is said to practice something called “self-esteem dentistry.” In the other corner: Relationship guru Ellen Fein, the author of the despicable treatise The Rules (“Rule Five: Don’t Call Him and Rarely Return His Calls”), who says Rosenthal gave her “gigantic teeth.” (Oh, Ellen: you should see Matt Dillon.) In revenge, as today’s Daily News reports, Fein proceeded to register domains and

Lying Dentist is a kind of monomaniacal Smoking Gun and Bad Dentist is a link dump; both sites are worth a visit for the design alone, which can be described as Mid-Nineties Homepage Chic meets Early Drudge. Dr. Rosenthal, naturally, is suing Fein for $5 million in response.

We emphatically invite you to pick a side in this beef. (We couldn’t.) Frankly — considering that the target audience for frivolous “self-esteem” oral surgery and retrograde anti-feminist self-help is roughly one and the same — we’re surprised these two aren’t collaborating. Or married.

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The Secret Feuds of Dentists