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We’ve Angered the Vegans



As any competent blogtrepreneur knows, the best way to get some attention is to piss people off. And you get the best returns, of course, by pissing off the professionally self-righteous. (Witness, say, Gawker’s baiting of George Clooney last year.) So imagine our delight to discover that we’d, off-handedly and without any calculation, managed to offend some of the most professionally self-righteous out there: the vegans. “We gently avoided last week’s Times article about the amazing strides being made in the cruelty-free fashion world,” we wrote yesterday, without thinking much about it, “because, well, we think vegans are kind of stupid.” And then the e-mail began arriving. Hell hath no fury like the morally superior mocked.

Congrats on accomplishing nothing with your puerile little blog post. Try not to be so lame and ignorant toward a lifestyle that can comfortably get by without killing packs of animals. Stick to pimping ugly-as-fuck $700 Vuitton bags. You’re good at that.

I’m not a vegan, or even a vegetarian at that. But this article was so closed-minded. I’m surprised. And I don’t mean to insult anyone there. But the article was lame. I hope you know why. If not I’ll be okay with explaining why. Good luck with future articles. I hope they’re all smarter than this one.

I double-dare you to tell this fine-ass, highly educated, NYC Jewish girl that I’m stupid in person. In fact, let’s play Scrabble and see who wins. Why am I fine? I’m fine because I stand up for what I believe in, I dress like a goddess, I take care of my insides (which is why I look better than your girlfriend), and I don’t call meat eaters stupid — just UNEVOVLED.

What journalism school did you go to? The school of name-calling? What a thoroughly badly written piece of garbage — you must be embarrassed. Anyway, the good news is you’ll be getting lots of e-mails from “Stupid Vegans” since I have a mailing list of 15,000 NY superstars — so your inbox will keep you busy for quite some time which will help you fill your time while you kill animals for your coat or dinner. I love people who pull the whole “evolution” theory — yeah, we’ve also evolved past sharp teeth and nails like claws. Could you really kill your dinner with your bare hands now? There is a reason vegans have a 90 percent higher chance than meat eaters to not get cancer. We are simply healthier. According to this BBC article, there is actually a high-IQ link to being vegetarian. Intelligent children are more likely to become vegetarians later in life, a study says …

Truth is — I always look hot and so do my shoes. Stella McCartney, Alternative Outfitters, and Moo Shoes keep my feet looking as divine as my colon, which thanks to eating vegan, isn’t full of rotting flesh like yours.

Bon Appetit!

I don’t get it. I read your post where you finally decided to take a crack at the Times’ recent article on vegan/compassionate fashion — however, you fail to mention why you think vegans are “stupid.” If you’re going to make such efforts and sweeping claims, please explain in detail. I’d also like to know which shoes you think are ugly. I bet I could show you hundreds of pairs of shoes and you wouldn’t be able to tell the vegan ones from the non-vegan ones. I think it’s “stupid” to take aimless cracks at something that was never meant to offend, off-put, or do anything really except offer alternatives to what can otherwise be an industry filled with pain, exploitation, and selfish greed. Which is perhaps what you’re an advocate for?

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We’ve Angered the Vegans