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Witness for the Prosecution, for Now


Miller, her lawyer, and some guy Getty doesn’t ID arriving at court yesterday.Photo: Getty Images

The logistics of Plamegate have been making our heads hurt for three years now, so why should today be any different? Behold: Judith Miller, the ex-Times writer famously jailed for three months for refusing to name her Plame source, on the stand testifying for the same prosecutor who jailed her. The source was Scooter Libby, currently on trial for disclosing Valerie Plame’s identity, and Miller’s testifying against him because Libby “released” her from their confidentiality agreement, thus allowing her to become the prosecution’s star witness. Sound like legal suicide? Well, yes. Unless Libby’s side also wants Miller to say who else she had talked to — and, in fact, the biggest courtroom dustup yesterday was over the prosecution’s right to ask that exact question. Even more bizarre: Meantime, the same prosecutor from whom Miller is now testifying, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, also happens to be investigating her in an unrelated case, that one about Islamic charities. Oh, for the days of wine and blow jobs.

Reporter Who Was Jailed Testifies in Libby Case [NYT]

Witness for the Prosecution, for Now