the oscars

And the Winners Are …

Oscar night is almost here! New York film critic David Edelstein and Hollywood producer Lynda Obst continue their discussion of the race. Check back after the ceremony for more.

From: David Edelstein

Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2007 12:58 PM

To: Lynda Obst

Subject: Journey’s End

Dear Lynda:

What saddened me about yesterday’s letter was the news that the host and the presenters have been warned to steer clear of politics. My God, George W. Bush has finally delivered on a promise: to be a uniter, not a divider. We are united as never before about his presidency and his war. Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine speech looks better and better as the casualties — American and Iraqi—mount. I am sorry that I was in the chorus of naysayers at the time, agreeing with the message but just finding his manner so … so … rude. What I wouldn’t give now to watch someone at the Oscars willing to stop the show the way he did.

Speaking of rude: I see that Sharon Stone and Basic Instinct 2 cleaned up at this year’s Razzies. Lady in the Water would have gotten my vote because of its pretensions, but Shyamalan did win Worst Director and Worst Supporting Actor.

Okay, here are my Oscar predictions, gleaned from your reports and your own musings here:

Picture: The Departed (sigh — why do so many people love this movie??? Little Miss Sunshine was not on my Ten-Best list, but I would so like to see it win over The Departed).
Actor: Forest Whitaker.
Actress: Helen Mirren.
Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson.
Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy (sigh).
Director: Marty (as much, I hope, for Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, and Raging Bull …).
Original Screenplay: Little Miss Sunshine (but I love The Queen here).
Adapted Screenplay: The Departed (sigh).
Cinematography: Children of Men.
Editing: Schoonmaker for The Departed? She’s great and will benefit from the Marty swell.
Foreign Language Film: The Lives of Others (it has the momentum).
Documentary: An Inconvenient Truth (can’t wait to see Al in movie-star mode).
Live Short: West Bank Story.
Animated Short: The Danish Poet (Jeffrey Wells says The Little Match Girl).
Score: The Good German? Probably the best thing about the movie. I was surprised that Philip Glass’s egregious work in Notes on a Scandal had an Oscar — as opposed to a Razzie — nomination. But maybe the CD sounds good in the car …
President: Barack Obama.

I imagine Clint will present the Morricone Oscar — since those Leone spaghetti-Western scores, as much as anything, helped to cement his stardom.

I hope there are fewer montages. I hope the backstage Webcam breaks. I hope my beloved The Queen does better than expected. I hope we do not invade Iran.

Enjoy the show.

And the Winners Are …