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Anyone Want to Buy a Lad Mag?

• Felix Dennis puts Maxim, Stuff, and Blender officially on the auction block. [NYP]
• Did David Lynch plan this advertising campaign? Annie Leibovitz shoots Scarlett Johansson, David Beckham, Beyoncé, and Lyle Lovett for ads promoting Disney theme-parks. [Radar Online]
• Steve Rattner thinks newspapers should be nonprofits, but Jack Shafer says that’s a horrible idea. [WSJ and Slate]

• Investment manager Martin A. Armstrong has sat in a downtown jail for over seven years on a contempt charge resulting from pre-trial squabbling. [NYT]
• Brady Dougan, the derivatives trader that could, is the new CEO of Credit Suisse. [Bloomberg via NYP]
• New York is No. 75 on Forbes’s “Best Cities for Jobs” list. We lost out to Camden, New Jersey. For serious. []

• Turns out judges were once lawyers too: Supreme Court justices are selective with evidence to make case for higher pay. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• With all the talk of pay-hikes for first-year associates, are senior associates getting screwed? [Above the Law]
• Hidden in Motion to Dismiss, Aaron Charney has apparently confessed to leaking documents from Sullivan & Cromwell to the Wall Street Journal [Above the Law]

• Remember Michael Knight from Project Runway? Now he’s “Mychael” and is designing T-shirts for Starbucks. [Fashionista]
• “Girls Gone Wild” sportswear — now get drunk, and flash with comfort and style. [Downtown Darling]
• All of London is waiting for the Marc by Marc after-party. [UK Vogue]

Anyone Want to Buy a Lad Mag?