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Atoosa Watch: Still Unstable, Updating Blog Frequently


Photo: Patrick McMullan

We know, we know: We care way too much about the latest updates to former Seventeen editor Atoosa Rubinstein’s MySpace blog. (You know, that launching pad for her TK-soon domination of the Internet.) But the thing is, there’s just such good stuff there each time we check. Last week, there was the announcement of And then when we looked this morning, there was this:

I lived my whole life just trying to be the perfect girl my mother wanted me to be: I never let on when I was struggling. I realize now that’s why I became a cutter — I’d gone through a very serious trauma but kept it completely to myself instead of imposing it on my parents — so instead I used the razor to do my crying for me.

Two reactions. First: Wow, Atoosa was a cutter. Second: Are weeping rainbows supposed to make us think she’s cured?

The Dangers of Protecting Your Parents TOO Much [Atoosa’s MySpace]

Atoosa Watch: Still Unstable, Updating Blog Frequently