intel Launches, America Rejoices!

Because we obsessively monitor Atoosa Rubenstein’s MySpace page to find out how her plan for Internet domination is faring — from her departure from Seventeen through last week, it consisted of ten blog posts, 43,000-plus friends, and a Psychic Kitty initiative we’re not even going to get into — we were thrilled to learn when we checked in this morning that the Toos has launched the first phase of So far the site consists only of the purty homepage you see at right and, if you follow the sign-up link, a place to, well, sign up. Why should you sign up? She explains:

Join My Tribe

I’m building a new home for our tribe: A place where we can be our fierce, unique and powerful selves - and have each other’s backs. Give me your deets (see below) and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready. I know we’ll have fun. And sister? I can’t wait! You are the power behind this … and me. I will honor our relationship every step of the way.

You know something, sister? Neither can we. [Official site] Launches, America Rejoices!