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Barbarians at the Energy Grid

• A group led by Kohlberg Kravis is taking energy giant TXU private for $45 billion, besting the Blackstone record by $6 billion. But can Kravis beat Schwarzman’s party? [NYT]
• Gary Crittenden named Citigroup CFO. Job description: Fix CEO Charles Prince’s mistakes. [NYT]
• Goldman media banker Sebastian Grigg may defect to Credit Suisse. [DealBook/NYT]

• Sullivan & Cromwell to Aaron Charney: “We will crush you like a bug.” [Above the Law]
• Did Thelen Reid partner Robert Reger set up a trust for a client’s mistress, then get involved with the mistress himself? [New York Law Journal via]
• Good news for second-year law students: more summer-associate slots. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Think of it as an Oscar consolation gift: Djimon Hounsou has signed to be the face of Calvin Klein Steel. [Downtown Darling]
TV writer David Gerken is at work on a Sex and the City set in the Paris fashion world. [The Daily]
• You’ll soon be able to buy the colorful Irregular Choice shoes seen on Heatherette’s runway. [British Vogue]
• Barneys is going green. [WWD]

• The Wall Street Journal, at least, believes in Radar. [WSJ]
• Might Dominick Dunne be on his way out at Vanity Fair? [WWD]
• Secrets of the Times Book Review revealed at Harvard: Nobody likes it, nobody reads it, and it hardly makes any money. [Gawker]

Barbarians at the Energy Grid