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Crazy Web Users Want to Harm Hillary, Moby


Moby last month.Photo: Getty Images

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one getting online, blog-comments death threats. (“Please put up a good fight for us,” someone posted on Barack Obama’s Website, “and if you get a chance to shove a pillow over Hillary’s face and smother her to death before the primaries, 20 black-eyed virgins will wait on you in paradise.”) Moby, too. Hillary’s threat was reported in Monday’s Post, and when we bumped into the musician at a party that night, he told us about his own run-in.

Somebody posted something scary about Hillary on one of Obama’s blogs. Are you scared of bloggers?
I think it’s hard to make sweeping generalizations. For example, on we have message boards. And some of the people who go there love me, and some of the people who go there really hate me. A few years ago, there was one man who went there who was making very involved death threats against me. Like really — he knew my address and he was describing what he was going to do to me and how I was going to die and so we had to get the police involved. It turned out he was a paraplegic who was institutionalized, and the cops said, “Look, you can press charges, but he’s really not going anywhere.”

Were you terrified?
I was really concerned. He knew exactly where I lived, and he described my schedule. He was saying, you know, “At 10 a.m. I’m going to stand in front of Moby’s building, and I’m going to shoot him in the stomach and watch him bleed to death in front of me.” It was really graphic. Normally I wouldn’t get the police involved, but in this case, it was so specific I felt like I had to. —Rachel Wolff

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Crazy Web Users Want to Harm Hillary, Moby