Doctoroff Goes to Harlem, Gets Smacked


Doctoroff pitching his Olympic dreams in 2005.Photo: Getty Images

Dan Doctoroff, Bloomberg’s all-powerful development czar, very rarely has his ass kicked in public. But at a Harlem symposium on Robert Moses’s legacy last night, Majora Carter, who runs the environmental advocacy group Sustainable South Bronx, did just that. As various bigshots praised the vital role of public input in today’s successful megaprojects — Atlantic Yards was never mentioned — Doctoroff contended that Team Bloomberg had buried Moses’s high-handed legacy. Carter, whose group has proposed a recycling facility where the city wants to build a 2,000-bed jail, begged to differ.

Doctoroff: “We are learning to listen much better. There’s a limit — at a point you have to move forward. Even in your community, Hunts Point, there’s a debate. On the one hand, environmental issues. On the other hand, jobs …”

Carter: “That’s not true. We like jobs. We also like to breathe.”

Audience: Wild applause.

The evening ended without its planned question-and-answer session. —Alec Appelbaum

Doctoroff Goes to Harlem, Gets Smacked