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Fascist Movie, Moving Fashion, and New Yorkers

The Lives of Others screening. Sony Screening Room, 550 Madison Ave., nr. 55th St., 6 p.m. Elie Wiesel and Frank McCourt are expected to see the film, which portrays East Germans spying on each other under Communism. Holocaust memoirist, child-abuse memoirist, harrowing oppressive-regime drama: Sounds like the post-screening dinner will be a real laugh party.

Marc Jacobs runway show. State Armory, 643 Park Ave., nr. 66th St., 8 p.m. Many celebs expected, but Marc’s publicist won’t tell us which ones, so we’re going to make up our own list: Kim Gordon, Bruce Willis, Bill Cosby, Madeleine Albright, Mia Hamm, Tom Clancy, the chupacabra, and Sofia Coppola.
“New Yorker for New York Awards” gala. Waldorf=Astoria, 301 Park Ave., nr. 49th St., 6:30 p.m. Wynton Marsalis, David Dinkins, and Pete Hamill among the promised guests. The “=” in Waldorf=Astoria symbolizes the hallway that connected the two hotels in their original location. It’s the ur-emoticon!

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Fascist Movie, Moving Fashion, and New Yorkers