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Goldman Bonuses Depress All

• Goldman lieutenants score $52.5 million bonuses, take home more than most Wall Street CEOs. [NYT]
• Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman calls making a $36 billion real-estate deal “an out-of-body experience.” [Knowledge@Wharton via DealBreaker]
• Are public companies going private just so the CEO can make more money? [DealBook/NYT]

• Perez Hilton sued again: Universal City Studios claims the celebrity blogger illegally published stolen footage of Jennifer Aniston’s bare breasts. [Radar]
• After years of ignoring corporate-governance concerns, Dow Jones will split the roles of chairman and CEO between two executives. [NYP]
• A New Yorker cartoon is slammed for bigotry by the city’s Polish community; David Remnick compelled to explain the joke. [NYDN]

• Calling Michael Richards! Fulbright & Jaworski partner drops the N-word at a Duke recruiting interview. [Above the Law]
• More speculation in Aaron Charney lawsuit: Who was the witness during secret settlement talks? [Above the Law]
• Should law school teach skills or reasoning? [Legal Blog Watch]

• Karl’s so nice he’s showing twice. Due to high demand, Fendi (which Lagerfeld designs) will have two runway shows this season in Milan. [Flypaper]
• Breaking: Model spotted in Milan. Gisele Bundchen’s appearance has sparked furious rumors that she’ll be walking in the Dolce & Gabbana show. [Britsh Vogue]

Goldman Bonuses Depress All