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Hollywood? Fuhgeddaboudit



We’re delighted to tell you this morning that New York is continuing to suck jobs away from Hollywood. First, thanks to the recent tax incentives, Manhattan got besieged with film crews (2006 set the record for our photogenic city); now Brooklyn’s Steiner Studios — NYC’s second largest film soundstage, after Silvercup — is going to double in size. The studio, which housed the recent productions of Inside Man and Spiderman 3, is taking over a seven-story Navy Yards building. Apart from expanding the studio itself, the owners are promising an entire adjacent media campus, which they’ll lease to film-friendly businesses (which we assume means designers, stylists, nutritionists, Scientologists, and coke dealers). To sum up: More big-bucks film production without the nuisance of closed-off streets and gridlock. Sounds like a happy ending.

B’klyn Going Hollywood [NYDN]

Hollywood? Fuhgeddaboudit