Introducing Jewish Dolls (Penn Diplomas Not Included)



As the saying goes, who knew? Seems there’s a toy company that makes explicitly Jewish dolls for little Orthodox girls to play with. We know this because we just received a press release announcing that they’ve come out with a new line of Sephardic playthings, thus augmenting their previously Ashkenazi-centric line. Each doll, the release says, comes with a “10-piece wooden toy Shabbat kit, a Hebrew/English name birth certificate, and matching Magen-David (Star of David) bracelets (for doll and owner).” And, actually, we think those accessories are kind of necessary: Judging from what we found on the Website, we don’t quite see how these straight-haired, button-nosed dolls are supposed to be Jewish. Except that they’re wearing frum-ish long denim skirts. And come from Teaneck.

Gali Girls [Official site]

Introducing Jewish Dolls (Penn Diplomas Not Included)