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Lauren Bush Saves the World One Handbag at a Time

• Presidential niece Lauren Bush is developing a socially conscious clothing line, no doubt inspired by her family’s long-time commitment to environmental causes. [Fashion Week Daily]
• A PETA soldier storms the Prada runway in Milan, gets tackled by security. []
• The 18-year-old sister of model Luisel Ramos, whose death six months ago triggered the skinny-model ban in Milan, has also passed away from complications related to an eating disorder. [Downtown Darling]

• Shady private investigator Michael Lair pleaded guilty yesterday after trying to shake down several New York lawyers involved in high-stakes lawsuits, including defense attorney Robert Morvillo. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case about the way New York State selects trial judges, who are now essentially anointed by party bosses. [Crain’s]
• A Brooklyn College history professor excoriates Nancy Grace and hopes she gets sued. [Durham in Wonderland via Legal Blog Watch]

• Keith Kelly happily reports on unrest at the Daily News; staffers are blaming each other for flawed reporting about a New York City cop who died of lung cancer. [NYP]
• How much is lunch with Anderson Cooper worth? At least $21,000, the sum paid by a British retail executive for some intimate face time with the anguished CNN anchor. [NYO]
NBC may not be under GE’s umbrella within the next couple of years. [Fortune via CNNMoney]

• How do you work on Wall Street, buy a house, and have a family life at the same time? Actually, you don’t. If you want that, move to Charlotte, North Carolina. [WSJ]
• Anyone know a high-profile, bilingual executive looking for something to do? Univision’s hiring, and chatter so far names former Mexican president Vicente Fox and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez among other possible candidates. [NYP]
• Canada is trying to rein in the unregulated world of hedge funds, sticking managers with proficiency tests. No signs of a similar move being made Stateside. [FT Alphaville via DealBreaker]

Lauren Bush Saves the World One Handbag at a Time