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Pedicab Junction


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Like pedicabs? Get ready to see a lot of them on eBay. The city is finally is set to pass measures regulating our suddenly flourishing cyclo-rickshaw industry. Of the roughly 500 of those babies currently on the streets, at least 175 will be pulled: The City Council has settled on 325 as the nicely arbitrary-sounding number of pedicab licenses it’s willing to grant. Lest NYC turn into Bangkok with its tuk-tuks, all electric “assist” engines will also have to come off; it’s all about the drivers’ well-toned calf muscles from now on. (Which, to be honest, is the only reason any locals we know can tolerate the things.) For the cherry on top, the NYPD reserves the right to ban pedicabs from any street at any time, to the apparent joy of the Post (where “Pedi-Pests” must rank among the paper’s worst coinages). We can’t say we have a problem with any of this. But we wonder if the City Council is focusing on the right thing first. Where’s the sorely needed legislation to regulate those mutant-squid-looking seven-seater “PartyBikes” infesting Times Square? No calves could justify those.

City Puts Brakes on Pedi-Pests [NYP]

Pedicab Junction