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Reno 911: New York!


The Reno P.D. at last night’s after-party.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Reno 911: Miami!, the new movie based on the Comedy Central hit about an incompetent police force, screened last night as part of the Tribeca Cinema Series. The cast — um, we mean the Reno Police Department — was there, and afterward they sat for a Q&A with the audience. New York’s intrepid party reporter had a few questions of her own.

Do you have any advice for the NYPD?
“Lt. Jim Dangle”: My advice for anyone out there who wants to get into law enforcement is learn a trade.
“Deputy Travis Junior”: Learn a skill.
Dangle: Do something valuable.
Junior: Go into like …
Dangle: Soft-core porno.
Junior: Get a Webcam video. Do something that matters and makes a difference …
Dangle: Because crime doesn’t pay, but you get to make your own hours.
Junior: Crime pays better than law enforcement.

So, go into crime.
Dangle: No, no, no. You’re twisting my words!
Junior: That’s technically not what he said.
Dangle: I said it doesn’t pay, but you do get to make your own hours.

So it’s more enticing than law enforcement?
Dangle: I didn’t say that. You’re twisting my words!
Junior: This is what the media does, this liberal agenda, this blue-state press.
Jada Yuan

Reno 911: New York!