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Saying Anything About ‘Say Everything’

How do you get people who spend all day talking about themselves to talk about you instead? You talk about them. “Say Everything,” Emily Nussbaum’s cover story for last week’s New York, explored the ways the brave new Webby world changes the ways kids share information — and creates a nearly unprecedented generation gap. And, of course, the blogs have been responding. Some of our favorites:

Slob: “Wow — so the Internet generation has collectively huge balls.” “One of the girls they profile was born in 1989 — that makes me feel old. But I totally identify with them. I’m a total Net Narcissist Exhibitionist Extraordinaire.”
Bout Manje…: “The idea that this is essentially a *generation* gap is a bit overplayed. It is a magazine article, after all, and therefore sensationalized.”

happysloth: “There are still some things that I want to lock away and not share with everyone. Even these teenagers have learned to tailor what they post for their audience. I think I’m the old schooler of the new school.”
Shiny Red Button: “Rather than decrying the loss of privacy or shying from lurking dangers, real or imagined, they’ve embraced this open culture and are using it to their advantage.”
UnBeige: “Unless you’re a kid yourself, reading this is a sure fire way to make yourself feel old.”

Say Everything [NYM]

Saying Anything About ‘Say Everything’