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Top Moneymaker Leaves Lehman

• Lehman lost its top-producing banker on Friday to a sudden resignation. Was Woody Young passed over for head of the finance group? [NYT]
• Monday morning got you feeling uninspired? Ninja Stockbroker will return you to market-high glory. [Nova Cartoons via DealBreaker]
• Fresh off its blowout purchase of Equity Office, the Blackstone Group scoops up Pinnacle Foods (Duncan Hines, Vlasic) for $2.16 Billion. [AP via CBS News]

• What’s tops on the minds of partners in 2007? Mergers! [Law Firm Inc.]
• Which firms haven’t ponied up with more pay for associates? Check the “List of Shame.” [Above the Law]
• Anna Nicole Smith’s true legacy is a docket full of litigation. [FindLaw]

• Madonna’s new line for H&M — M by Madonna — appears in stores next month. [London Telegraph]
• The beleaguered Gap returns to a familiar marketing strategy: celebrities shilling khakis. [WWD]
• London Fashion Week commences with some nods to the metallic looks seen in New York last week. [British Vogue]

• The Tribune Co. forces Rupert Murdoch and other corporate suitors to take a cold shower; the company’s board is leaning away from a sale in favor of a decidedly less sexy “self-help” bailout. [WSJ]
• Coming Wednesday: a tabloid-size Observer. Don’t worry, it’s still salmon-colored. [NYP]
• Richard Johnson was right about Paris Hilton. But he won’t tell if you have cancer. [Avenue via Mediabistro]

Top Moneymaker Leaves Lehman