Valentine’s Day Countdown: Step Away From the Roses



It’s nearly Valentine’s Day; do you know where the love of your life is? Neither do we. But here’s the guidance we learned this week from New York’s intrepid band of dating bloggers.

Threesomes are interesting; lasagne is not. Somewhere in Brooklyn, there is a boy who doesn’t want to hear about what his friends had for lunch again, ever. Even if eventually the conversation moves on to the fact they’re dating bisexuals. [Forksplit]
Subway rides are, ipso facto, unromantic. If you’re going to try to experience sexual fantasies on the subway in this weather, of course you’re just going to feel like a “huge winter muffin in my 5 degree weather outfit”! But the muffin thing’s a start. [Virginist]

Although it’s nice when someone cares whether you get home. It’s really not fair to title a post “Sleeping With Strangers” if it’s just going to involve drooling on a septuagenarian’s shoulder on mass transportation, you know. Even if the husband watches. [Monkeys in My Pants!]
It’s all fun and games till someone suggests floss handcuffs. Someone wrote an entire post about how irritating it is that Rembrandt toothpaste tweaked its ads to remind people to whiten their teeth for Valentine’s Day, and there isn’t a single joke involving drilling, cavity-filling, grinding, or rinsing. [Logged Hours]
Not only condoms have silver linings. We’re pretty excited about how quickly you figured out that if someone you’re sleeping with keeps calling you her “friend,” that frees you up to date other people after you drop her off. But when you’re macking after hours, just be sure to keep an eye on the underlying rage part. [Well, at least I think I’m funny]

Valentine’s Day Countdown: Step Away From the Roses