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Why’d ‘Idol’ Reject Talk Back to Simon? The Bronx Made Him Do It

We spotted “original New Yorker” Ian Benardo, the Bronx-born recent American Idol reject, at the Zac Posen after-party last night. Benardo made headlines for being super-rude and untalented — he was also rejected from So You Think You Can Dance — which naturally means he’ll soon be making lots of money and is already invited to all the right parties.

So what was Simon’s reaction to your remarks on Idol?
He said that I was the rudest person ever on the show, but the truth of the matter is, like, he’s always putting people down, and he shouldn’t come to New York if he’s not expecting someone to talk back. I’m sorry, he was very rude to me. And also I have a lot going for me! I’m a talented person. I’m the Idol correspondent for Extra now. And also I’ve been on Larry King.

Was there anything else that got edited out?
Simon said that I don’t look like an American Idol, and I told him that, with all his money, he has bigger breasts than Paula, and he should do something about it.

How’d you get the balls to say that?
Because I’m from the Bronx, honey. I do not take shit. I refuse to have somebody like Simon Cowell come to my country and tell me that I’m useless. I’m showing him I’m not useless. I’m doing TV, movies, radio, a CD, I’ve been invited to all these parties.

So the Bronx made you speak your mind?
I think it has something to do with being a gay kid, a known gay kid, always having to defend myself. I was brought up with always people attacking me verbally and me having to stand up for myself. Some moron like Simon Cowell so used to traveling across the country, putting people down, and they can’t say anything. I’m the first person to put him in his place. And he called security on me.

I saw the video. You had to be dragged out.
Because he was speechless, which shows that he’s not as witty as everyone thinks he is. I’m smarter than him. I’m more than just an American Idol. An American Idol, they say, has a pair of lungs. I have a pair of eyes and ears as well. I’m an international, intergalactic idol. —Jada Yuan

Why’d ‘Idol’ Reject Talk Back to Simon? The Bronx Made Him Do It