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Curbed Kids Rack Up Another


There’s a new New York blog on the block today, and we’ll take it upon ourselves to welcome the tyke. It’s Racked, the latest replication of the Curbed-Eater formula — this time: shopping! — from Lockhart Steele & Co. It’s basically a shopper’s Eater, promising to track the city’s inedible-retail scene with the food site’s same rude brio. (In doing so, it’s bound to bite off a chunk of Curbed’s turf, which used to handle obsessive coverage of, say, Uniqlo’s arrival).

The first day’s contents: two photo stories from a Bowery Whole Foods preview (whoa: they have a bridge), the progress of H&M’s enormous Madonna billboard, vignettes from the Apple Store and Marc Jacobs, and link-dumps galore (including the unsavory-sounding “Dealfeed” rubric). Proprietor Steele is, of course, not just the Nick Denton of his own mini-empire but also Denton’s mini-me at the Gawker empire.* So we’ll leave the more detailed analysis of the new site’s no-doubt manifold wonders to Steele’s own employees, which we’re sure they’ll get around to once they’re done humping Dana Vachon’s leg.

UPDATE: Ah, there it is. [Official site]

* Probably worth mentioning: He’s also a good pal of Daily Intel’s editor.

Curbed Kids Rack Up Another