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Everything Is Pesadich


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We somehow missed the news Friday that Park Slope’s own Wise Son, Jonathan Safran Foer, has announced he will publish his own version of the Passover Haggadah. Why? Are the 4,000 known versions of the book insufficient? As he explains in the current Forward, it’s because he doesn’t think those versions are good enough.

We talk about slavery every year,” Foer said. “We talk about the movement toward freedom every year. But when was the last time a Seder made you really feel those things in a deep way — when you said, ‘I want to become more active, say, in stopping what’s going on in Darfur’? Because if that’s not an example of a situation that needs this movement toward freedom, nothing is. Or, ‘I need to work harder to make my life more energy independent,’ because we are slaves to energy right now.”

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Jonathan Safran Foer to Release English Version of Haggadah [Forward]

Everything Is Pesadich