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Fourteen Things We Learned at Last Night’s ‘Sopranos’ Advance Screening


David Chase arriving at the MoMA last night.Photo: Patrick McMullan

1. The first two episodes are some of the most domestic we’ve seen.

2. Carmella still gives Tony blow jobs.

3. A.J.’s Puerto Rican girlfriend has him whipped.

4. Phil Leotardo’s inferiority complex stretches back for generations.

5. Daniel Baldwin apparently “takes Ben Kingsley to acting school” as the lead in Christopher’s movie.

6. It’s possible for someone to get shot at your dinner table without you noticing.

7. Glenn Close is several seasons behind in her Sopranos viewing.

8. Gay Talese thinks both Tony and Christopher will die before the show ends.

9. No one else would dare speculate on the show’s conclusion.

10. Sam Rockwell owns a 52-inch flat screen and takes his TV-watching “very seriously.”

11. Sopranos writer Matt Weiner thinks Melinda is a more likely American Idol winner than LaKisha, and he thinks Blake needs to stop pretending he’s not gay.

12. Sydney Pollack plays a prison-hospital orderly in this season’s second episode.

13. Sydney Pollack cannot make a bed.

14. The Sopranos looks amazing on a movie screen. —Jada Yuan

Fourteen Things We Learned at Last Night’s ‘Sopranos’ Advance Screening