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Giant Bonuses for Former Clerks Make Judges Feel Even Worse

• Associate pay raises are pretty good, but $200,000 signing bonuses for former Supreme Court clerks are even better. [Slate]
• Ben Rosenberg starts work today as chief trial counsel for the New York State attorney general’s office. His first task is to win back some of Dick Grasso’s money from the NYSE. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• Lawyers who play Second Life are bringing their real legal expertise to this artificial world. [ABA Journal via Legal Blog Watch]

• New designs this week for the New Republic and Time. [NYT and NYP]
• Jared Kushner initially wanted to put his desk in the Observer’s newsroom, but Peter Kaplan gently talked him out of it. [NYT]
• An accidental recording of a Radar editorial meeting shows Details as a guiding force for editor Maer Roshan. [NYP]

• Did Fortress Investment Group time its IPO to make the Forbes billionaires list? [DealBook/NYT]
• Goldman employee in London gets a warning letter from IT about spending about four hours a day on Facebook. He promptly posts it to Facebook. [DealBreaker].
• When a CEO announces a personal pay cut, is it good leadership or good publicity? [WSJ]

• After prolonged exposure to style, Harvey Weinstein may buy iconic label Halston. [British Vogue]
• Diane von Furstenberg tries to protect her looks from counterfeiters. [WWD]
• Earnest Sewn designs new BP uniforms to be worn only at Helios House, L.A.’s trendiest gas station. [Fashionista]

Giant Bonuses for Former Clerks Make Judges Feel Even Worse