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It’s Hard Out There for a Socialite



Think it’s easy to be beautiful, rich, and “charitable”? Not hardly. Aspiring socialite Olivia Palermo — a former national-team ice-hockey player who grew up in the city, Greenwich, and Paris, and now attends the New School — doesn’t feel she’s getting enough love from the social gals. So she sent them a mass e-mail, which made its way to the can’t-look-away blog Socialite Rank. It’s not pretty.

A taste:

I know I have gotten off on the wrong foot with many of you and there may even be some of you that do not like me. But I feel that those feelings are more a creation of websites like socialiterank, rumors and gossip than they are to your own experiences. You all are a group of amazing, intelligent, beautiful, talented, well-rounded, kind and generous women and I would be honored to have the opportunity to start fresh with you all and hopefully one day, call you my friends

There’s lots more.

UPDATE: Radar checks in with Palermo, who claims the e-mail is fake. “Why would I send out an e-mail asking for friends when I can just text any of the 400 people in my BlackBerry?” she asks rhetorically, ensuring that she sounds about as charming as she did in the allegedly fake message.

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It’s Hard Out There for a Socialite