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Jenny’s Party: No Celebs, But Four Songs


J.Lo and M.Ant arrive at Spotlight last night.Photo: Getty Images

When we arrived at the listening party for Jennifer Lopez’s much-touted new Spanish language album, Como Ama Una Mujer, at the new Times Square venue Spotlight last night, excitement was in the air: Will Smith had RSVP’d! And maybe some other celebs would make “cameos”! Two and a half hours and several mini “Iron Chef burgers” later, it turned out said cameos only included La Familia Lopez (sister Lynda and mom, plugging her ears while attempting to talk over the blasting eighties remixes), umbrella-less umbrella man Farnsworth Bentley, and hairstylist Ken Pavés. But all was not lost — at 10:40 on the dot, four pensive young women in blousey half-shirts and booty shorts knelt onstage. J.Lo was on her way! And she was wearing … a head-to-toe netted, sparkly black serape? (Is this really what she wears on the block?) While her leggings and equally sparkly bikini top may not have been what we expected from she of that Versace dress, at least her famous posterior was clearly visible (and shaking admirably) during the four songs she performed. “I wanna see clappin’ and actin’ a fool!” Jenny squealed. “I know y’all drunk!”

Maybe not all — husband Marc Anthony seemed frighteningly on top of his game. While parked in a corner next to the stage, he simultaneously blew kisses to his wife and the tambourine player, at times directed the band, danced vehemently, and perhaps telepathically sent his special breed of passion to his amorcita, if we were to judge by her many microphone grabbing and “Ay!”-ing moments. Slightly more understated was Anthony’s (surprise!) duet onstage with Lopez, after which she nervously giggled, “How do you like them apples? That’s my baby, for better or for worse!” Post balladry, the pouty ladies in shorts returned for a rousing closing, Lopez’s single “Que Hiciste,” after which she made a graceful exit — and then carefully scampered back onstage to recover a lost earring. —Rebecca Milzoff

Jenny’s Party: No Celebs, But Four Songs