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Jim Cramer, Manipulator?

Mad Money host Jim Cramer (and New York columnist) recalls his good old days of stock manipulation. [YouTube via NYP]
• Activist shareholder Evelyn Y. Davis demands that the board of Goldman Sachs stop distributing stock options immediately. [DealBook/NYT]
• Wannabe buyer attacks Smith & Wollensky CEO, claiming that accepting another, lower bid would personally benefit Alan Stillman. [Crain’s]

• Settlement talks between Judith Regan and News Corp. have collapsed, so look forward to one of the most entertaining media trials in quite a while. [Radar]
• After four years of war, newspapers are running out of reporters willing to cover Iraq. [E&P]
• Area papers to eat their way through an entire vending machine: The Onion and amNewYork go head-to-head in competitive-eating event. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

• Was Rudy Giuliani’s name worth the cost for Bracewell? Firm’s New York office still hasn’t turned a profit. [WSJ]
• Lead firms that stopped the city from limiting liability in the Staten Island Ferry crash demand their fees from other firms. [New York Law Journal]
• Did you clerk? Then go work at Sullivan & Cromwell because you’ll make a $50,000 bonus. [Above the Law]

• Taking over from Calvin Klein, BCBG will sponsor this year’s Whitney Art Party. [Fashionista]
• Designer Anand Jon Alexander has been accused of sexual assault by four more people. [AP via Forbes]
• Issey Miyake is the first fashion designer to win Japan’s venerated Kyoto Prize. [Wired]

Jim Cramer, Manipulator?