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Law-School Rankings Leaked

• The U.S. News 2008 law-school rankings were somehow leaked. Yale’s still No. 1, but Harvard and Stanford swapped this year to be two and three, respectively. [Law School Discussion via Legal Blog Watch]
• If you’re looking for a good M&A lawyer, wait till they all come back from the Corporate Law Institute at Tulane. [DealBook/NYT via WSJ]
• Seyfarth Shaw finally ups associate pay to match other New York firms. As one partner said back in February, “We don’t follow all the other firms over the cliff like lemmings. We wait, think about it, discuss, and then jump off the cliff.” [Above the Law and Above the Law]

• The Times new public editor should be someone under 40 who hasn’t spent decades at a newspaper. Someone from the Web, maybe? [Slate]
• Not to be confused with the better-known White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the Radio and Television Correspondents Association’s event last night featured Brian Williams belching the Battle Hymn of the Republic and Karl Rove proclaiming himself “MC Rove.” You didn’t miss anything. [LAT]
• Is Andre Agassi’s life story worth $5 million? Knopf seems to think so. [NYP]

• Diane von Furstenberg is suing discount retailer Forever 21 for ripping off dresses from her spring 2006 collection. [British Vogue]
• That naked Kate Moss and Pete Doherty W cover? Apparently, not happening. [Downtown Darling]
• Donatella Versace is suing newspapers for reporting her daughter was hospitalized for anorexia. Allegra Versace is being treated for the illness at home, not in the hospital. []

• Know about leveraged debt? The sub-prime mortgage fiasco makes you a sought-after candidate. [MarketWatch via CareerJournal]
• Morgan Stanley vice-chairman Robert Kindler urged boards to be strong in the face of pesky activist shareholders. [Deal Journal via WSJ]
• Tired of namby-pamby shareholder democracy? Maybe we should bring back the golden age of the hostile takeover, power ties and all. [DealBreaker]

Law-School Rankings Leaked