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Marc Ecko Goes Out of Order

“Behind the Business” with Marc Ecko. Marc Ecko Enterprises, 40 W. 23rd St., nr. Fifth Ave., 6:30 p.m. The press release states there will be an “intimate conversation followed by cocktails.” Seems like the conversation would be more intimate if that order were reversed, no?

Cabo Uno tequila tasting. Dos Caminos, 373 Park Ave. S., nr. 20th St., 6 p.m. Hosted by Sammy Hagar! Apropos of eighties arena rock, we went to Arlene’s Grocery last night for their karaoke-with-a-live-band thing. A guy who looked to be about 45 years old tripped and fell face first off the stage in the middle of “Sweet Child O’Mine” … and kept singing from the floor. Surely he deserved the wild ovation he received — but would he not have displayed a more true devotion to the spirit of Axl Rose by petulantly stopping the show and assaulting a security guard?

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Marc Ecko Goes Out of Order