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Maya Rudolph Did Not Like ‘300’


Armisen, Rudolph, and Samberg in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame press room.Photo: Getty Images

300, the bloody action movie based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel about the ancient battle of Thermopylae, has conquered the all-time March box-office record, and also the hearts of the SNL cast — with the exception of Maya Rudolph. Asked what was the most “rockin’” thing they’d done to prep for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony they attended this week, Fred Armisen replied, “We went to the movies!” Andy Samberg clarified, “We saw 300.” Did they get more excited about this movie than the Chronicles of Narnia? Their tale of moviegoing is after the jump.

Samberg: “It was at the Union Square theater, and we dove off the balcony into
the bottom-floor audience. We were just so fucking fired up about Sparta!”

Fred Armisen: I punched everyone around me and got kicked out in the first five minutes.

Samberg: Fred ripped his shirt off with one finger. He was the animal. I was the brains behind the operation. We dove together. It was like a Thelma and Louise moment. Everyone caught us and carried us up to the screen and put us up to the screen and then they shot us.

New York: And what were you doing?

Maya Rudolph: Falling asleep. —Jada Yuan

Maya Rudolph Did Not Like ‘300’