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NBA’s Fashion Forward?


Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin on the catwalk. Photo: NBAE/Getty Images

Last night’s “Court-ture ‘07” fashion show (featuring clothes by Jared M. and, of course, Rochester Big & Tall) was another odd development in the NBA’s attempts to get classy. It was only last off-season that commissioner David Stern instituted the league’s dress code, to the chagrin of players like Tim Duncan, who called the rules “retarded,” and Stephen Jackson, who said the ban on chains was a “racist statement.” Fast-forward to yesterday’s event at the NBA Store in midtown and there’s Jared Jefferies (in a “very spring” pink shirt) and Kenyon Martin (wearing dubious fabbed-out golfer chic) hanging lefts on the catwalk.

Knicks legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier was there, looking admiringly at the players’ threads. “There’s one thing about tall guys, whatever they put on they’re gonna look good in,” he explained. “They’re like models, they’re tall, slim. As you look around here tonight, you see David Lee looks good, [Channing] Frye, [Jared] Jeffries, all these guys look outstanding in their clothes.” Nets president and general manager Rod Thorn nominated the ever-smooth Cliff Robinson as best-dressed Net. “He’s got a great body, and clothes just look good on him,” said Thorn. So what about Steve Nash of Phoenix, whom the Lakers’ Jim Jackson called out as the worst-dressed player in the league? “He looks good in the uniform on the court, that’s all I know.” —Amos Barshad

NBA’s Fashion Forward?