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New York’s Ugliest Buildings, Chosen by the Experts



From the world travelers at Gridskipper comes a highly enjoyable list of “14 Ugliest Buildings in New York.” What sets this package apart from the usual bloggy spitballs is that the spitballers, for once, are very, very qualified: All are big-time architects or architecture experts. The choices include some usual suspects (frankly, hating on Astor Place’s Sculpture for Living is a little played out; one might as well take issue with the city strictures that force architects to set undulating forms on square bases). Some, however, are downright inspired (see which structure occasioned the description “It’s exactly like the Berlin Wall, but uglier”). And if you’ve ever harbored uneasy feelings about Hearst Tower, you’ll delight in its quick and efficient evisceration by John Hill of A Daily Dose of Architecture, which begins with “Step 1: Hire Norman Foster.”

Ugliest Buildings in New York, According to the Experts [Gridskipper]

New York’s Ugliest Buildings, Chosen by the Experts