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NYSE President-To-Be Better Watch His Back

• In the ongoing war between man and machine at the NYSE, incoming Exchange president says he doesn’t want “five guys named Vinnie” completing his trades. [NYP]
• Operation Spamalot: SEC suspends trading on 35 stocks promoted in recent spam campaigns. [NYT]
• Ivan Boesky slated to appear in the can’t-believe-it’s-not-out-already sequel to Forrest Gump. [/Film via DealBreaker]

• Should convicted felons be admitted to the bar? Jersey says yes, New York says no. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• New York judges shouldn’t recuse themselves from cases where state legislators appear before them only to make a point about how little they are paid. [New York Law Journal]
• Why has State Supreme Court Justice Walter Toleb been reversed ten times in the last six months on simple contract matters? [Judicial Reports via Above the Law]

• It’s not the Pulitzer Prizes if there’s not immediate leakage of finalists. Locally, Newsday, the Times, and the Journal made the cut. [E&P]
• Barry Diller floats another Website, this time a personal-finance site for younger people. Dave Kansas will leave his gig editing the Journal’s “Money & Investing” section to be CEO. [NYP]
• Did Graydon Carter manage to kill his own unauthorized biography? [Radar Online]

• Omnipresent Jennifer Hudson scores Avon fragrance deal. [Downtown Darling]
• Chanel may open its first ready-to-wear shop in Saks. [Fashion Week Daily]
• Alexander McQueen is rumored to be unhappy with’s Sarah Mower. [WWD]

NYSE President-To-Be Better Watch His Back