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Aaron Charney Wants Your Story

• Do you know anything about the Aaron Charney case? His lawyers want to hear your story. [Above the Law]
GE’s in-house council cuts 44 firms from its preferred provider’s list, including Paul, Hastings and Sherman & Sterling. [Corporate Counsel]
• Anyone want to buy a giant legal publisher? ALM is up for sale. [Legal Blog Watch]

• Will Rudy Giuliani’s business ties prove troublesome to his campaign? [WSJ]
• Salvatore Sodano, dean of Hofstra’s business school, is charged with failing to enforce securities laws when he ran the American Stock Exchange. [Newsday]
• Coldwell Banker reduces itself to open a virtual office selling virtual land on Second Life. [Fortune via CNNMoney]

• Adario Strange departs as editor-in-chief of New York Press. Is there anyone left who wants to run this paper? [Gawker]
L.A. Times editorial-page editor quits after the publisher killed a special section guest-edited by Brian Grazer. [NYT]
• Newspaper editors wring hands over the scary print-digital-hybrid future of their publications. [E&P]

• Call off the stork: Gisele Bündchen is not pregnant, contrary to rampant rumors. [British Vogue]
• For the low price of $60, you can own a plaster cast of Lily Cole’s breasts. You know, for charity. [Fashionista]
• Tom Ford poached two Giorgio Armani employees for his new flagship boutique, slated to open April 12. [Fashion Week Daily]

Aaron Charney Wants Your Story