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Scooter Libby, Convict and — Soon — Subject


Libby leaving the courthouse yesterday.Photo:Getty Images

The hottest new almost-trend in publishing: political insta-books, like the Scooter Libby tome commissioned today — a day after his conviction — and due in bookstores next month. For decades there have been successful fast-tracked paperbacks on all sorts of light topics from Star Wars releases to the Pitt-Aniston marriage. The announcement of The United States vs. I. Lewis Libby — to be written be a real reporter, National Journal’s Murray Waas and published by Barnes & Noble’s nonfiction imprint — comes only a week after news of a Barack Obama insta-book, the first about the presidential candidate (he’s written two well-regarded memoirs), delivered only a month after he announced his candidacy. All we need now is one more example, and it’s a genuine, certified trend. Doesn’t any writer have anything he wants to say about Sam Brownback?

BN Imprint Rushes Libby Book to Stores [Galleycat/Mediabistro]

Scooter Libby, Convict and — Soon — Subject