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See, CBS’s Strategy Is for Katie’s Ratings to Suck


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With yesterday’s news about Charlie Gibson’s recent ratings victories over Brian Williams, we wondered what the folks at CBS think about the whole thing. After all, they’re spending $15 million a year on their new anchor. Then we remembered: They don’t care! They’ve never cared! Why would you care about a $15 million investment?

September 2006: “Where we were last week or even in the weeks to come is not as important as where we are next year and even the year after that.” —CBS News President Sean McManus to the AP
October 2006: “It takes months and years to change viewer habits.” —McManus to USA Today
November 2006: “”Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will the CBS Evening News.” —Katie Couric to USA Today
February 2007: “As we’ve said all along, this is a very long process that takes many months, if not years. We’re not losing any patience.” —McManus to the New York Times

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See, CBS’s Strategy Is for Katie’s Ratings to Suck