The Eartha Kitt Primary: Go Obama!


Kitt performing last May.Photo: Getty Images

Obama and Bloomberg get a thumbs-up, and Hillary gets a raised eyebrow, from the inimitable Eartha Kitt. The still very spry singer and dancer, who turned 80 in January, plays a fortune-teller in a Kander and Ebb musical, All About Us, coming to the Westport Country Playhouse. At a sneak peek of the show this week, we asked about her ‘08 presidential picks. “I’m for my country, not politicians who go blah blah blah,” purred the eternal Catwoman, who spent a decade shut out of gigs in this country after she denounced the Vietnam War during a 1968 White House visit.

She confessed a fondness for Barack Obama, though: “He’s Afro-American and seems rather intelligent.” But experienced enough to be prez? “All those guys in the White House now were experienced, and what are they doing?” she snapped. She called Bloomberg “straightforward” and Rudy “a good mayor — wasn’t he?” But the claws came out for Hillary Clinton. “She’s all blah blah blah and no sustenance,” Kitt said. “And she walked away from the White House with our heritage. Didn’t she steal furniture?” She pulled us toward a publicist. “I better check on this before I get myself in trouble,” she said. —Tim Murphy

CORRECTION, March 30: Joanna Woodward is no longer artistic director of the Westport Country Playhouse, as this item initially suggested.

The Eartha Kitt Primary: Go Obama!