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The Exquisite Vagueness of a Conversation With DVF


DVF last nightPhoto: Patrick McMullan

What: “Diane von Furstenberg celebrates International Woman’s Day”

Where: Bergdorf Goodman

When: Last night

The Fashion Week tents will have to leave Bryant Park. You’re CFDA president — where should they move?
Oh, I have a dream about that, so I’m not gonna say.

Any hints?
No. It’ll be a nice spot.

Is it in … Brooklyn?

Is it uptown?
It’s in Manhattan.

Any landmarks nearby?
I don’t know. We’ll work with the city on that. [Looks at Karenna Gore Schiff across the room.] Isn’t her dad great? I wish he were running.

Who will you vote for?
I’ll vote for the Democratic candidate.

But who do you want it to be? Hillary?
If it’s Hillary, that’s fine 

But who would you prefer it was? Barack?
I’ll vote for the Democratic candidate, we’ll see. —Justin Ravitz

The Exquisite Vagueness of a Conversation With DVF