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‘Times’ Couplets: A Rebellion in the Food Chain

Wherein we arrange times couplets in verse to bring you secret messages from the paper of record.

Communing With Nature on a Grand Scale

The Way the World Ends, Vividly Imagined?
No Pet Left Behind:

Rats in His Sights, and in His Backpack, Too
Maple Leafs Fall, Crosby Lifts Penguins,

A Featherless Audubon Menagerie
Romping With Henry and His Rat Pack.

Bulls Clinch Berth in Playoffs
With the Greatest of Ease;

Unusually Good Food at an Unusual Hill
May Lower Scallop Population.

The Vicious Victim,
Pork Goes to War.

Lizzie Skurnick

‘Times’ Couplets: A Rebellion in the Food Chain