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‘Times’ Couplets: Urban Cowboys

Wherein we arrange headlines in verse to bring you secret messages from the paper of record.

Man Is Convicted of Attempted Murder as Hate Crime in Village Rampage

Athlete and a ‘Cultured’ Tarzan
Savior of a Crumbling Village, Dies.

’The Rats Will Not Win,’ Chief Varmint Hunter Vows
Hunting a Killer as the Age of Aquarius Dies.

In the Shootout, Two Stars, One Goal
More Than Just Two Ex-Cowboys

Hitting the Road for Some Hot Man-on-Bike Action,
Exploring Identity as a Problematic Condition.

Deconstructing the Costs, and Emotions, of Warfare
Everything Crumbles Toward Eternities

The Big Meltdown
A Suddenly Convenient Truth.

Imagine More Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here.
As Night Falls, Farmer Trades His Tractor for the Blues. —Lizzie Skurnick

‘Times’ Couplets: Urban Cowboys