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Searching for ‘West Bushwick’

Suroweic, Haines, Gee, and Meabher yesterday afternoon.Photos: Everett Bogue

Oh, wacky, naïve college kids. The New York blogosphere had a lot of fun last week with the wide-eyed musings of Cornell senior Erin Geld, who had recently discovered the magical, hipster-filled wonderland that is Brooklyn. Actually, she’d specifically discovered “West Bushwick” — the first we’d ever heard of this neighborhood. So we headed to the notoriously slippery-to-define East Williamsburg — we presumed some overlap between the nabes — and asked folks outside Gimme Coffee, on the corner of Lorimer and Powers Streets, for directions to this enchanted land. They weren’t much help.

MATT SUROWIEC, 26 (graphic artist and musician in band Matthew Paul; lives in Greenpoint)
Can you point me to West Bushwick? I’d point west, no, south, no, east? I don’t know.

MICHELE HAINES, 27 (photographer, lives on Greenpoint-Williamsburg border)
Do you know where West Bushwick is? Umm, is it west? I don’t know; I’ve never heard of it. What do you think West Bushwick looks like? I bet there’d be awesome spaces there. They’d be creepy on the outside, but they’d be really cool once you got inside.

DRU GEE, 20 (display artist for Urban Outfitters and musician, lives in “the real Williamsburg”)
Which way to West Bushwick? I don’t know, but I’d have to say that West Bushwick is the Graham stop on the L. I think that Williamsburg stops at Lorimer; East Bushwick was a term coined by real-estate agents to sucker someone’s kid.

ANNIE MEABHER, 19 (Fordham University student)
Where’s West Bushwick? I have no idea. —Everett Bogue

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Searching for ‘West Bushwick’