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Another Duke Alum Joins Morgan Stanley

• The former captain of the Duke lacrosse team was hired by Morgan Stanley’s investment-banking analyst program. JP Morgan had hired David Evans and then rescinded the offer after Evans’s indictment. [Deal Journal/WSJ]
• Tudor Investment Corp. forms a political-action committee, another step toward political sophistication for hedge funds. [WSJ]
• If you take a cab that’s showing CNBC, you might just hitch a ride with Jim Cramer. [DealBreaker]

• Virginia Tech shooter Cho Sueng-Hui sent a package of video and written material to NBC in between shootings on Monday. NBC decided to air them, and now they’re everywhere. Brian Williams: “This was a sick business tonight, going on air with this.” [NYT]
• The Wall Street Journal named Marcus Brauchli as managing editor, succeeding Paul Steiger after a sixteen-year reign. His top competitor was Paul Ingrassia, a Pulitzer winner who was named vice-president of Dow Jones’ news strategy last July. [NYT]
• Documentarian Ken Burns will not recut his World War II film The War, much to the dismay of Latino and Native American advocacy groups who believe their history gets short shrift. [WP]

• The naked Brooklyn Law School student who appeared in a Playboy video has hired Tupac and Eminem’s lawyer to represent her. [Above the Law]
• One New York lawyer represents all 24 American Idol finalists. Poor guy. [Hollywood Reporter via Law Blog/WSJ]
• Since Raoul Felder won’t resign from the State Commission on Judicial Conduct at Spitzer’s behest, the commission voted to limit his responsibilities as chairman. [New York Law Journal]

• Giorgio Armani says H&M is “treating customers as schmucks.” [Downtown Darling]
Zac Posen, fashion blogger. The designer is launching his own site to get feedback on his clothes. [Fashionista]
• After all the hype, sales of Gap’s designer shirts have only been so-so. [WWD via Flypaper]

Another Duke Alum Joins Morgan Stanley