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Burt Neuborne Still Fighting for Fees

• Holocaust survivors continue to dispute Burt Neuborne’s millions in legal fees, despite a judge’s call for a truce. [New York Law Journal]
• When you sue your law firm for giving you bad advice, the attorney-client privilege is gone, ruled a Manhattan appeals court in a 4-1 decision. [New York Law Journal]
• The future of Diet Coke is at stake! The Equal v. Splenda trial starts on Monday. [NYT]

• At the New Yorker, David Remnick leads a staff built by Tina Brown, one of the most divisive editors in the magazine’s history. [Gawker]
• Stockholders who are not related to the Ochs or Sulzberger families should withhold their votes at the annual meeting of the New York Times, advises investor watchdog Institutional Shareholder Services. [NYP]
Star begins a return to its tabloid roots by getting rid of the magazine’s fashion department. [WWD]

• Damian Kozlowski is leaving Citigroup in the first shake-up under new wealth-management head Sallie Krawcheck. John Longley will become the new CEO of the domestic private bank, and Deepak Sharma will handle operations outside the U.S.[Reuters via CNNMoney]
• Disgraced WSJ reporter R. Foster Winans on insider trading: “Maybe it’s time they just made it legal. I’m only half-kidding.” [Fortune]
NASDAQ wants to ditch its lame four-character stock symbols and let any company use whatever it wants on any of the markets. Unsurprisingly, NYSE wants to restrict one-, two-, and three-character symbols to its big board. [NYP]

• Christian Dior’s former marketing director Guillaume Monnier was arrested in Japan on suspicion of smuggling nearly ten grams of cocaine into the country. He quit his job immediately upon being charged. [Downtown Darling]
• Karl Lagerfeld has a new muse: model-actress Francis Veber, seen most recently in the French flick Le Valet. [British Vogue]
Alice Temperley is rumored to be the next Target Go designer (after Patrick Robinson and Libertine). [Racked]

Burt Neuborne Still Fighting for Fees