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Co-ed Naked Brooklyn Law Students

• A third-year Brooklyn Law School student has been identified as a woman being spanked and holding gavels up to her breasts in the Playboy TV show Naked Happy Girls. [NYDN]
• Was Aaron Charney just afflicted by Sullivan & Cromwell’s general malaise? The firm ranked 60th on a satisfaction survey of midlevel associates in New York. [New York Law Journal via Above the Law]
• Judicial paradox: New York Chief Justice Judith Kaye says she’s prepared to sue after Albany failed to deliver on judicial pay raises. [New York Law Journal]

• Since most journalists already know that Don Imus is at least highly offensive if not racist, why do they keep going on his show? (We’re looking at you, Russert.) [AJR]
• Lindsay Lohan will be three months shy of her 21st birthday when she takes the April cover of GQ, so liquor advertisers are avoiding buying pages. [MIN online]
• Former Time Inc. editor-in-chief Norman Pearlstine mocks Arthur Sulzberger Jr. in his new memoir for being focused on the “court of public opinion.” [NYP]

• It’s official: For the first time in a decade, Kate Moss won’t grace FHM’s list of the top 100 sexiest women. [Downtown Darling]
• Where would Cary Grant shop? Apparently, at the Tom Ford store. [British Vogue]
• Sneakers lose touch with reality as the company that owns Gucci considers buying Puma. [Flypaper]

• Private-equity funds raised $44.3 billion in the first quarter of 2007, and half of that total was raised by six leveraged buyout funds. [LBO Wire via Deal Journal/WSJ]
• Citigroup’s compliance department will lead the way for 26,000 job cuts and relocations. And while compliance employees will go first, consumer and investment-banking staffers will go in greater numbers. [NYT]
• Your blog getting you fired is so 2006. Now it might actually get you hired. [WSJ]

Co-ed Naked Brooklyn Law Students