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Is Naked Brooklyn Law Student a Natural Blonde?

• The Brooklyn Law School student who appeared naked in a Playboy video is neither blonde nor brainy. Discuss. [Above the Law]
• Is David Lat at Above the Law siding with Aaron Charney over Sullivan & Cromwell? Disclosures aside, the site’s commenters are suspicious. [Above the Law]
• Claims from victims of one fraudulent attorney could put the New York Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection in fiscal jeopardy. [New York Law Journal]

• Eschewing a Talk-like launch party, Portfolio will toast its inaugural issue quietly tonight at the Beaver Bar. [Media Mob/NYO]
• Tom Junod hates transcribing, Lisa DePaulo overreports, and Gary Smith doesn’t do outlines. Secrets of long-form feature writing revealed! [Mediabistro]
• Dan Mason picked a great time to be the new CEO of CBS Radio. Now that Imus is gone, time to bolster the company’s public image and generate some revenue. [NYP]

• Uniqlo’s trolling MySpace for T-shirt models. [WWD]
• Joshua Schulman is the new CEO of Jimmy Choo. He was previously an executive at Kenneth Cole and YSL. [British Vogue]
• Model agent Earnest Williams has left DNA Agency over a bitter contract dispute. [NYP]

• The IntercontinentalExchange rejected a plea from floor traders to charge a fee for electronic trading. In retaliation, the traders will boycott electronic trading and are trying to undermine the ICE’s plan to buy the Chicago Board of Trade. [NYP]
• Five of the country’s eleven highest-earning hedge-fund traders live in New York City. Sorry, Connecticut. Only two live in Greenwich. [NYP]
• A shareholder has sued Lehman Brothers, accusing the bank of backdating stock-option grants. [Reuters via DealBook/NYT]

Is Naked Brooklyn Law Student a Natural Blonde?