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My CEO Can Beat Up Your CEO

• Lehman CEO Dick Fuld, nicknamed the “Gorilla” on the Street, didn’t do so well when he picked a fight with another father at his son’s hockey game. [Trader Daily via DealBreaker]
• Paul Wolfowitz promotes his girlfriend at the World Bank, and his colleagues want him out. [CNNMoney]
• The world’s top earner in the financial sector: reclusive ex–Enron trader John Arnold, who netted almost $2 billion shorting natural gas. [The Guardian]

• In a pre-digital world, would Don Imus’s career have disintegrated so quickly? [WSJ]
The Sun loses money, but its investors consider its voice worth backing. [The Nation]
Portfolio will debut Monday, the same day as the best-selling Fortune 500 issue. [NYP]

• Nothing much happened at the Charney vs. S&C omnibus hearing yesterday, but that didn’t stop the journalists, bloggers, and gossipy lawyers from cramming into the courtroom. [Soloway via Above the Law]
• Former North Carolina D.A. apologizes to the Duke lacrosse players for falsely accusing them of rape after charges against them were officially dropped. [NYDN]

Teen Vogue has set up its own CFDA scholarship award to help high-school students further their studies in design. [WWD]
• Michael Kors is no longer a sun devotee, after having a basal cell carcinoma recently removed from his forehead. [The Toronto Star]

My CEO Can Beat Up Your CEO