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Naked Law Student’s Ex-Boyfriend Tries to Keep Low Profile

• An ex-boyfriend of the nude-video Brooklyn Law chick appeared briefly in the video with her, and he hopes his employer doesn’t find out. Talking to the press is a proven way of maintaining anonymity. [NYDN]
• Oh, boy! It’s omnibus-hearing day in the Aaron Charney case! We expect hot cross-motion action. [Above the Law]
• Two loud and zealous attorneys, Michael S. Washor and Michael F. Vecchione, are out-shouting each other at a judicial corruption trial in Brooklyn. [NYT]

MSNBC drops its morning Imus simulcast. Will CBS Radio dump him, too? [NYT]
• If Imus stays on the air, Tom Friedman, James Carville, Bill Maher, and others are willing to pop by the show. But no one from ABC is allowed to be there. [Radar]
• Is an old newspaper building easier to sell than an actual newspaper? Tishman Speyer is trying to sell the Times building for $500 million, about three times what it paid for it in 2004. [NYT]

• Gisele continues her attempt at being a model turned actress: She’ll reportedly appear as Tom Hanks’s girlfriend in the Da Vinci Code sequel. [Fashionista]
• Linda Evangelista, a youthful 42, is the new face of L’Oreal Paris lipstick. [Flypaper]
• Drew Barrymore will act as the co–creative director for her first CoverGirl commercial, scheduled to air in January 2008. [Fashion Week Daily]

• Todd Thomson, the canned Citigroup exec who was aligned with CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, settled with his former employer on a severance package. Still no word on the official cause of Thomson’s break with the company. [FT]
• A former biotech analyst has been banned from the industry for eighteen months for operating a secret account used to trade against his own recommendations. Paul Starsia operated the account while working at Swiss American Securities. [NYP]
• Analysts and investors are not impressed with Citigroup’s cuts. [Forbes]

Naked Law Student’s Ex-Boyfriend Tries to Keep Low Profile