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Olbermann Is Everywhere

Keith Olbermann will take a break from slamming the Bush administration to co-host NBC’s Football Night in America on Sundays this fall. [Hollywood Reporter]
• Tired of losing to Condé Nast at the National Magazine Awards, Hearst will honor its own at the Tower Awards tonight. [WWD]
• Newspaper coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings looked downright bloglike. [E&P]

• Raoul Felder, celebrity divorce lawyer and co-author of a book called Schmucks is refusing to heed Eliot Spitzer’s request to step down as chair of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Spitzer finds the book to be filled with “racial, ethnic, and religious invective.” [NYP]
• The man who fell to his death from the Empire State Building was a 31-year-old lawyer from Brooklyn. He was meeting with a client when he got up, went into another room, and jumped. [Above the Law]
• Brooklyn College professor KC Johnson will discontinue his Durham in Wonderland blog in June and co-author a book about the Duke lacrosse case. [Legal Blog Watch]

• Tom Wolfe left out many of the names in his 7,000-word takedown of hedge-fund managers, so now you can play along at home and guess the identities of “these people.” [Portfolio]
• It’s not enough to have Rod Stewart play your 60th-birthday party; you also have to dress up like the aging rocker at Woody Johnson’s 60th. At least you do if you’re Steve Schwarzman. [Radar]
• By dumping their paychecks into off-share funds for some quality compounding time, hedge-fund managers are able to delay paying taxes for ten years or more. [NYT]

• Kate Moss mania continues: Christie’s is auctioning off rare portraits of the model next month. [British Vogue]
• Madge boosted sales for H&M, after all. [NYDN]

Olbermann Is Everywhere